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We are striving for a full on normal school experience for both students and staff this year. At this time, masks are not required. With that said, if a state executive order is made, the school leadership will reconvene and make an informed prayerful decision. 

All of the cleaning procedures in place for the 2020-2021 school year will remain in place for this school year. 

The Choices We Made

MCCS began the 2020-2021 academic year with in-person instruction. To date, the school has not been forced to close a single day. 

General cleaning procedures in place to help mitigate and control any COVID transmission in our school environment. 

*Daily temp checks

*Daily health survey

*The playground high-contact areas are sanitized twice daily.

*The lunchroom (group room) tables and chairs are sanitized twice daily.

*The student's desks and tables, in the classrooms, are sanitized daily.

*With the current mask management in place, students wear a clean cloth mask everyday and store it for cleaning before leaving the building each day. 

*Restrooms are disinfected daily.

*Handrails are sanitized daily. 

*Learning manipulatives are not shared. 

*PE and recess equipment are sanitized each time it is used. 

*Doorknobs and light switches are sanitized daily. 

*We have set up 6 ft social distancing dots/lines at every point it is possible. 

*Students sanitize hands entering the building, entering/exiting rooms, before/after eating/restrooms, and etc. 

*The cleaning solutions in place are from Envirox..."dedicated to safer, healthier, and environmentally preferable options that let custodians do their important work and do it well, without sacrificing their health." 

*Our daily sanitizer is an orange oil and hydrogen peroxide base.

*We follow table and desk sanitizing with a very safe, essential oil household cleaner to avoid skin irritation for students.


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