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As MCCS adds grade levels and continues to grow, additional athletic programs and after school activities will likely be added. 

In the meantime, any athletics offered will focus on a healthy lifestyle and skillbuilding. ​



Running Children


Monroe County Christian School will be adding a Cross-country team for the upcoming fall season.  The team will consist of male and female runners for grades 1st through 6th grades.  Cross-country is an individual and a team sport that develops proper running and breathing techniques along with developing a desire to compete with other young people their age.  At most meets, boys will run versus boys and girls will run versus girls of their age group.  The team will practice right after school two days a week for about 45 minutes on the school grounds.  Runners will be required to have a physical examination form on hand in the school office along with an insurance waiver before the student can participate.  The season will run from mid-August to the end of September.


A goal, as we get older students. 

Basketball Net
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