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Teacher Helping a Student

A Christian worldview permeates our daily lessons, our programs, and the course of study for science and history, in particular. We prepare students to live and engage in God's world with a faith-based perspective.

History/Social Studies


Grades K-5

Heritage Studies-"...guides students in analyzing and evaluating historical events, world cultures, and primary sources from a biblical worldview" (BJU Press, 2021).

Grade 6 takes a robust look Ancient Civilizations through the eyes of Christian historians. 

Grades 7/8 uses American Republic, a text that surveys the major events that shaped American history from the discovery of the New World to present day.

Math & Science


Purposeful Design Math-. "Students will grow in confidence as they master problem-solving skills and real-life application through manipulative use and modeling. Project-based learning provides STEM and biblical worldview connections throughout" (ACSI, 2020).

Purposeful Design Science-"an inquiry-based, hands-on approach to science instruction that will give your students numerous opportunities to discover principles and truths of God's creation" (ACSI, 2020). 

Grades 7/8 use BJU Physical Science and Life Science editions. 

Language Arts


Students receive regular phonics, writing, and grammar instruction. K-2 use Reading Street and Wilson's Fundations and grades 3 and up use Shurley English. 

Cursive writing instruction is part of daily instruction for grades K-4. Spelling practice and testing continues through middle school. 

Reading instruction at the lower levels utilize a basal reader and leveled readers. Grades 3 and up begin incorporating novels into the program. By grade 8, nearly all reading curriculum is novel-based. 

Reading with Magnifying Glass

General music instruction, twice weekly, provides music theory/appreciation, song, and dance. 

Band Instruction

Students in Grades 5-8 are encouraged to choose a band instrument. We currently have a highly qualified parent volunteer who comes in twice weekly for group instruction. An additional sectional practice is available once per week, after school. 


Our daily Bible studies use Purposeful Design Bible textbooks. Students engage in weekly scripture memorization, learning about Jesus, and how to apply Biblical truths to their own lives. 

Grades 7/8 dig more deeply into the Old Testament and the life of Christ as He fulfills God's plan of redemption laid out in the Old Testament. 

A weekly chapel is held each Wednesday. Leaders from the supporting area church bodies rotate as speakers at the chapel. 

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