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Monroe County Christian School is testing a new after school care program for parents who need a safe Christian environment for their children beyond the regular school hours. Usage of the program this year will determine if the program will stay in place for the 2022-2023 academic year.

After School Care

After Care is provided on regular session school days, unless there is an early dismissal due to weather. After the normal 15 minute pick-up window each day after school, any students still in the building will automatically be placed in After Care. There is no need to register. 


Hours are 3:00-4:30 on regular full days. 2:15-4:30 on early dismissal Wednesdays. 

No After Care is available on the first or last calendar day of school year or any other special 11:30 dismissals. 

After Care is designed to offer time to exercise and play, a chance to have a snack, and finish some homework, if needed. Playground time will be given to exercise and socialize with friends. Time will be set aside for a light snack. Parents are encouraged to send snacks when students are likely to stay beyond 3:30. 

After some play time and time for a snack, remaining students are provided with a space to work on homework, if needed. For younger students and those who do not need homework time, tabletop activities will be provided. These may include board games, puzzles, cards, small building sets, coloring books, etc. 

Parents (or designated emergency pick-ups) must enter the building to sign a student out of After Care. 

Rates: $2.00 per any part of a half hour or $4.00 hourly

School Children
Boy at Playground


Billing for any After Care service is done on a weekly basis. Invoices for the previous week will be generated early each week, for the previous week's charges. Each invoice should be paid in full by that Friday to ensure continued use of the service. Any family falling two weeks behind may not use the services again until paid in full. 

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